Pre-Order: Comfort Box



The Comfort Box by Bochy's is a box to provide healing to whatever season you're in. 

A majority of the items in this box are hand-made and produced by the survivors at Bochy’s Place. We have also received consultation and insight from our Advisory Board of 7 certified counselors on what products would be best to go into this comfort box.  

 While the survivors receive their own healing, they wanted to also help provide healing for anyone else going through a hard time. We know that healing is a process, but we believe this box will help navigate you through your healing journey in a healthy way. 

Sleep Spray

Awake Spray

Tea Tins

Roll On Oil

Soothing Candle

Breathing Bubbles

Prayer Cards

Prayer of Protection

Affirmation Cards

Intention Beads

5 Minute Journal 

Meditation for the heart 


**Bochy's Comfort Box products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or mental health issues.